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It’s high time you’ve all met the guy in my life. Not only do I think I’m going to need this as a reference for future posts, but he’s also pretty important in this cowgirl’s life, so it’s fitting that you are introduced.
He has a name that can be shortened, so right after we met, I asked if he preferred to be called the longer or shortened version of his name. His response? “You can call me Cowboy.”
So, everyone, meet Cowboy.

Many thanks to his sister for sharing this picture.

You see, he’s not really a cowboy. He doesn’t and has never lived on a ranch or farm (neither have I, but I’m a Texan, which automatically makes me a cowgirl). But he really likes to pretend he is. I think he actually assumes it as part of his identity. Two of the first movies we watched were westerns, which has set the tone for this relationship.
In everyday life, he assumes a cover identity as a med student. Wants to save the world one life at a time, I guess. He is also a Naval officer. Such an overachiever!
Cowboy hasn’t been in my life for long (a couple of months, though it feels like a couple of years…weird, right?), but we’re quickly learning a lot about who God has made each of us to be and, coincidentally, where God has us going.
Needless to say, I don’t think this will be the last you hear of this Cowboy.
As John Wayne told us in True Grit, “Young fella, if you’re lookin’ for trouble, I’ll accommodate ya.”


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