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Yet another project I found in the land o’ blogs–a wreath made solely out of coffee filters! I saw this project on The Little Brown House blog.

I have three different coffee makers (and now a french press). Some call it addiction; I call it dedication.

But really…I might have a problem.

Anyway, I hardly ever use my full-size drip coffee maker, so I have a ton of coffee filters (I think I’ve used two or three out of the package of 200!). Rather than go out and buy brown ones like she did (which I really love the look of!), I wanted to use what I already had.

I spent:

$4.97 for the styrofoam wreath form

$1 for the ribbon
And I already owned the coffee filters and straight pins!
She posted a great tutorial, so I won’t bore you with the details, but I did do a couple of things differently.
  1. I started by tying a ribbon so I wouldn’t have to find a place later.
  2. Put Netflix in DVD player.
  3. Sit down on couch.
  4. Grab coffee filters by the middle of the bottom.
  5. “Fluff” three or four together (still pinching the bottom middle) and pin down with a straight pin directly into the wreath form. (If you want it to be REALLY secure, you could hot glue the sections as well/instead of using pins.)
  6. Continue until you’ve worked your way around, pinning groups as close together or far apart as you want (mine were a lot closer together than hers were. Consequently, I ended up using nearly all that were in my package of 200, whereas she used around 75).
And done! Doesn’t it look like some expensive paper wreath you’d drop 30 or 40 bones for??


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