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Don’t you love one-upping yourself?!

After making my first cake stand for $2, all of the options I knew were out there began to swirl around in my brain (ideas are like viruses to me…they just keep spreading, growing bigger and taking over until I have no choice but to surrender).

I paid my local dollar store a visit, found an adorable plate…

Then I went over to the candle section to look for some votives I could flip over and use as a base. I came home with this one. A little white spraypaint and it could be pretty cute!

And then I went to the Goodwill. And I saw this little white cup/votive/small bowl.

It just happened to match the plate perfectly. And it’s much less WAH-BAM. Much less “HEY, HEY, HEY, I’M A CAKE STAND’S BASE!” and much more “hey, how’s it going, oh me? down here? I’m just…chillin’.”

I love when my cake stand bases chill.
And this guy cost 50 cents. Even better!

I also picked this up at the dollar store. Always trying out new materials.

I literally washed the plate and bowl, applied the super glue gel to the bottom, let it try for 10 minutes (per the instructions)…

…and flipped it over and put it on the plate. And of course because I’m OCD, I measured to make sure it was centered.

I also found this cloche at Goodwill for $2.99. It just HAPPENS to fit perfectly on top. Someone need to put a cupcake in there.

And that’s it! $1.50 cake stand. This took me about two minutes to “make.” Done, done and done.

Have you guys tried this project yet?


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