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Here I am, once again inspired by what John and Sherry are doing over at Young House Love. Still on my reuse and recycle kick, I’ve been cleaning out the old and bringing in a little new, but mostly I’ve been giving my old things new purpose. So when I saw a post on cork containers, I knew I had to make one of these babies for my desk at work.
You’ll need a vase or container (flat sides works best, but it can be round as long as it has vertically straight sides), fabric (optional), adhesive (I used a spray…hence the face mask pictured below), elmer’s glue and cork squares (or a cork roll if your object is round).

I had this fabric left over from my antique table and chairs overhaul I did last year.
Since my vase (one I’d received flowers in once and never used again…you know the vases I am talking about!) was flat on all four sides, this was four easy cuts.
I sprayed each piece with spray adhesive, applied, and secured with a couple of rubberbands. If you prefer the raw cork look, you’re done once the adhesive dries! If not, continue on…
Using a piece of tape, I secured the selvedge edge of my fabric piece directly to the cork.
Wrapping tightly (think skinny jeans tight) around my vase, I finished the side with tape by stitching it closed.
Using my trusty elmer’s glue and my index finger, I glued the edges down inside and underneath the vase.
Once the glue dries, you’re all done!
Doesn’t my desk look so much more fun now? So much better than any old plastic pen and pencil holder. Oh, and all of those random sticky notes floating around on my desk? They now have a home pinned to my cork container. 🙂


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