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As the seasons have changed (despite the weather not really getting the memo in Kansas), I’ve pulled out my favorites like my spiced cider candle (a sweet black Friday find from last year).

But, sadly, I was only able to get a few hours out of it before it burned all the way to the bottom.

I thought, “what a waste!” when I saw how much wax was left along the sides…so, I quickly thought of a way to use the wax AND the jar, staying with the “reusing and redoing” theme as of late.

I’ve been seeing some really cute treat jars at different stores and knew I wanted one for Cooper’s treats to keep on the countertop, but didn’t want to pay the premium price. I had seen a glass etching project on another blog I follow (young house love…love it!), so I got to work experimenting and learning as I went. I started by spooning out with the wax, removing the label and cleaning the jar and lid.

Then, I printed out my word in the font and size I wanted on regular printer paper and taped it on top of some blue painter’s tape.

I used a small knife (I would use an exacto knife, but I didn’t have one) to trace the letters from the printer paper, which scored the tape underneath. I kept the actual letters because I knew I wanted it to look inverted (the letters not etched), but you could remove JUST the letters and it would be the only part etched. Because I was etching around the letters, I wrapped the top and bottom with a strip of tape to create a border.

I found a faux glass etching paint, which was $3 and some change. You can buy actual etching cream, which works quickly, but you’d need a better stencil as it would eat through the painter’s tape. I painted three coats before scoring around the tape and removing.

And wah-la! Custom etched glass treat jar for just the cost of the etching cream/paint!

And the best part? I still get to smell one of my favorite candles. When I spooned the leftover wax from the candle jar, I put it into two aluminum cans and turned the stove on low to melt the wax. If you wanted to make custom candles from the leftover wax, you could buy wicks OR you can just turn the stove back on (to low) or place these cans on a candle warmer to melt the wax!

I love repurposing what I already have. What do you guys reuse and repurpose?


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