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Happy Monday! To start the week on a happy foot, I thought I’d share a recent room “redo.”

Growing up, it was fairly normal for me to rearrange my bedroom. I liked having a “new” space using what I already had. It’s amazing how different a room can feel based on its arrangement! (I believe I got this habit from my Nana…she does the same exact thing.)

Last weekend I was needing a change and rearranged the living room. I haven’t moved a single piece of furniture since I moved in. (See pictures below from the day after I moved in…so bare!)

The chaise lounge and rug came about month later from Nebraska Furniture Mart. The antique table was a (very nice) gift from a family friend, which I later refinished and recovered the chair cushions. The antique window screen (you can barely see it above, the white frame blends into the wall!), which was a puke green color when I bought it, I painted white because it hung on a bright blue wall at the time….but since I now live in a white box of an apartment, I’ve painted it black. 🙂

I’ve also since taken down the yucky vertical blinds and put up some chocolate brown faux silk curtains.

There are a few other additions, like lamps (floor lamp is from IKEA), assorted decor and the coffee table (which I found as is at the Goodwill!). Needless to say, I’ve been “building” this room for quite some time, so to rearrange it for a different feel was much-needed. Below are the before and after pictures (click on the picture to view larger version). You also get a sneak preview of my Christmas tree….sneaks. 😉

Best part of this change? It was completely free. I rearranged, used what I already had and now this room feels completely different.
Ahh, change. You are so good.


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