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I interrupt this pesto-fest to make an admission.

I broke the rules.

You see, growing up we always waited until the day after Thanksgiving to put up the Christmas decorations. And I’ve successfully honored this tradition. Until this year. I broke the rules and started decorating on Sunday, November 7.

I even played Christmas music. *GASP!*

Now, before you look at me like I’m crazy, know that this was all in good reason. I said to myself, “Hey…I’m gone a lot in November and December, I should really make up the time I’m missing. Plus, it’s a lot of work to put all of this up. I should be able to enjoy it for that much longer. ” (I can’t…CANNOT, I tell you, leave it up past Christmas. That’s like a cardinal sin.) So…off to the store I went.
And home I came, with a tree, ornaments, lights, ornaments, candy cane hershey kisses (yes, folks, they are back on shelves), ornaments, cinnamon-scented pine cones and a few more ornaments.
I also rearranged my living room (this is very exciting).
More to come…maybe the day after Thanksgiving. 😉
P.S. I have not listened to Christmas music since Sunday…I have officially put it back on hold until after Thanksgiving (it burns me out easily). But I am TOTALLY rocking the Christmas tree. Bring on the holidays!


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