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My apologies for the delay in announcing the winner of the food challenge competition-guesser guy/gal. I was planning on shopping last Wednesday and then life happened and time got away from me. SO…I FINALLY made it to the store(s) last night and tonight (good thing, I was REALLY out of groceries). Ladies and gents, I have SO MUCH FOOD. Like…more than my kitchen can handle. I have potatoes stacked on the stove, grains stockpiled like its Y2K and a refrigerator/freezer exploding with meat, fruits and veggies!

First, I must say (admit) that I went to Costco. Which…if you’ve ever been to Costco…you will realize how detrimental to my budget this was. One friend calls it the “$100 store” because, since everything is in bulk, you’re spending $100 on ten items. Well…I bought close to that. Needless to say, I think I may have ended up with enough food to last me nearly two months. (Do I get credit for this in my challenge? See how many weeks I go without having to step foot in a grocery store?) I will also say that planning every item out was very helpful. No more “oops” visits to the store because I forgot a random item.
I will be fleshing out what I spent, where and who technically won the competition tomorrow.
Stay tuned!


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