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It’s nearly embarrassing to show you the following picture…it’s a good thing Cooper’s just a dog and not a child as he looks pretty unkempt. (He has a good life, I swear!)

So…Cooper obviously needs a trim! Or a buzz…

Turns out the guy has eyes! And a mouth…and a nose. Forgot how cute they were. 🙂
I’ve given Cooper a trim before, but just trimmed him up with kitchen scissors (again, embarrassing). He looked fine, but I decided I’d take him to a professional groomer this time around. Groomers must be reserved a couple of weeks in advance (in Johnson County, at least) and, knowing full-well I wanted to get him groomed this weekend, I still kept putting the phone call off. So today I decided I’d invest the $40 I’d pay for a professional groomer (every time!!) in a home grooming kit.
I settled on a Conair Home Pet Grooming Kit for $27 at Target. I also found a nail trimmer on clearance for $13. Best $40 we ever spent, Coop!


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