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I have a slight obsession with bargain shopping. I will haggle shamelessly, offending and conquering in the process. It’s not that I think people’s stuff isn’t worth much…I’m just cheap.
And when I win? Watch out, baby! It’s like giving a pyromaniac a match and some lighter fluid.
Friends and I spent the day Saturday doing stuff for free and bargain shopping. Our day started with a (free) tour of The Roasterie’s plant, where we got (free) coffee, (free) fresh coffee ice cream and were allowed to snatch (free) burlap coffee bags. We then went to KC’s own City Market farmer’s market, where you can buy things like a pound apiece of both fresh green beans and jalapeños for $1. Then, after dropping the guys off, us girls continued our bargain day and went garage-saling. We met a few grumps along the way, but we were so late in the day that people were closing up and wanting their stuff to be gone–one man offered everything in his garage for a quarter apiece. (Except for the ladders hanging on the garage walls. I asked. He said there was an asterisk on that offer. Hmph.)
I spent $21.25 and came home with:
  • A burlap bag (no coffee addict should be without one)
  • A pound of jalapeños (Going to have to freeze some. Unless you want some. Then you can have some.)
  • 1.5 pounds of fresh green beans
  • A bunch of cilantro
  • Three limes
  • A 1/2 dozen roma tomatoes
  • Three peaches
  • Eight golden apples
  • Three bell peppers
  • A Jade plant (I’m in love with these little guys)
  • A Pottery Barn plant pot, and
  • An apple basket
Please hold your applause. Even I, bargain shopper to the core, am impressed.
“The Green Mile”–unroasted, still-green coffee beans
Coffee lover’s dream…and I didn’t even snatch a bag!

Our lovely group of friends 🙂

Fresh coffee ice cream. Equivalent caffeine content to two cups of coffee.
In a frozen, full-fat, full-sugar form.
Need I say more?

Very industrial.
City Market
A vendor at the City Market makes these by hand. I wanted this one really bad.
But then I would’ve had to title this “My $41.25 Day.”


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