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This week I’m looking at lasts and endings.

The end of my current job, the end of my time as youth sponsor for Core Student Ministries, the end of my involvement with my church’s college group (at least in the immediate sense), the end of living with my parents, the end of living in Wichita; the end of things that comprise the majority of my self-identity.

But before the sadness of seeing it all go comes, my excitement invades, showing any doubt or sadness to the door. In four days, I will be loading up a moving truck and saying my final (mostly temporary…you can’t really say goodbye to your family and friends…especially when you’re going to live three hours away) goodbyes. After a couple of days of moving into my new apartment, I will begin my days as media analyst for a local ad agency. A new city and a new job are sure to warrant more new friends, new experiences, new learning and a new sense of who I am in this world.

So, here’s to the lasts that bring the firsts and the ends that solicit beginnings.


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