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What in the world is a CMS and which one should I choose?

The question that I, among many, have been asking. Lately, I’ve been on a crash course trying to figure out the world of blogs and Web sites. So, I’ve decided to share my journey with all of my beloved readers. If you know anyone that may benefit from this, please, share with them too!

First and foremost, a CMS is a content management system. Think of this as a closet organizer. You could build one from scratch if you’re “of” the trade, but generally, most people would simply like to purchase one at the store and put it together at home. If that describes you in the world of Web, a CMS is probably where you’ll want to start. Each system is different in build and setup, so you want to do your homework to find out which “closet organizer” will fit your need. You see, some people have lots of shoes and need the room for them, while others have few shoes and lots of ties.

So, which CMS? There is Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Typepad, Tumblr and more. Confusing and overwhelming, no?

I’ve had to do some research for both personal and academic reasons about several of these CMSs (and will continue to do more), and I hope to help someone else figure out which “closet organizer” best suits their needs.

Stay tuned as we journey our way through several of these systems. You can expect my opinion and a user’s opinion (I can only find out so much by researching–a user can give you an inside look). We will be comparing, contrasting, critiquing and praising.

Ready? Here goes!


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