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It’s more than a background–it’s a business card, a first impression, a portfolio and a digital arrow to your blog, Web site, profile–whatever it is you want to highlight about yourself. Your Twitter background says something about you, whether you’re a default template kid or you design a personal background. If you’re marketing a business or a product, this can (and should) be professional and impressive to your customers. If you’re marketing yourself to clients or employers, you should stand out. If you’re tweeting to tweet and you want more followers, this will make you seem more interesting.

Are you following yet?

Yours doesn’t have to be beautifully complicated–no, it can be calmly simple–just make it different and make it look like you care (if you do). Check out these Web sites for help and ideas:

40 Beautiful Twitter Theme Backgrounds

Twitter Resources

Want to make your own? Got Keynote or Powerpoint? Do it. Or, just create your own in Photoshop. I spent an hour creating mine and it makes a phenomenal difference in first impressions.

Still not a believer? Read this guy’s article and you might.


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