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As we’ve now bid our adieus to life as we knew it in 2008 (and before), we are now faced with the looming presence of a year of “question mark.”

This year, for me, is THE year of “question mark.” I have a phenomenal job as of now–they’ve put up with me for over 3 years and have helped me finish school. But as I graduate from Wichita State in May, I’ll be looking for a job. There exists the possibility of moving out of Wichita and away from friends, my family and a place that I’ve gotten to know over the past 9 years.

But the cool thing about change is that it can be very exciting (albeit scary). New opportunities, new relationships with new people and new experiences. So far, I have a trip to Colorado’s mountains and a trip to Italy on the 2009 calendar. How excited I am!

So, as a goodbye to 2008 (and before), I’m sharing my first iMovie project, All About Alina. I did this for school last semester–it’s a representation of 10 things about me. The guidelines for this project were that it couldn’t include visible or audible words (so no musical lyrics), which meant the music had to be created. Luckily, I am a MacBook owner and used GarageBand to get the job done.

All About Alina from Alina Yeisley on Vimeo.

I bid you all adieu and an exciting ’09.

P.S. Today I pre-ordered iLife ’09 which looks impressively spectacular, so I’ll be reviewing all that I learn when it arrives!


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